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More Funding Sought for Education
President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for an extra $1.35 billion to expand his signature education program, designed to prod states into revamping their school systems, even while promising a barebones 2011 federal budget.
States Race to Apply for U.S. Education Funds
Forty states are seeking federal school funding through a competitive Obama administration program that has prompted educational changes as well as resistance in much of the country.
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Study AbroadEducation is one of the most important characteristics that define a person, at least in the competitive world of today. Without proper education, one cannot think of living a successful life because a good job, living standards as well as the mental development of a person depends a lot on the education that one has received. Education in world has noticed a tremendous change over the years. Formal education, technical education as well as professional education, all goes a long way in ensuring the overall growth and development of an individual. Primary, secondary, senior secondary and specialized education, all form significant parts of Education in world. From information on the major institutes and world universities to admissions processes and entrance exams, from online education to the distance learning courses... one will get answers to these and many more... all on one platter called education in world.

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Study Abroad Basic underline motivation for a student who seeks to Study Abroad is obtaining state of the art education in specified fields coupled with a branded degree/qualification that gives him a competitive and privileged edge in seeking best of placements and accelerated career growth in future. To offer to all world citizens, numerous universities, schools, colleges and other professional institutes have been constituted all over the world. The best of education in world can be availed across the several reputed educational organizations, in all the global cities.

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Study in IndiaIn the world education horizon, India with its vast diversity and cultural heritage has been an epicentre of knowledge based education acclaimed universally. Maintaining tradition the role of IIT's, IIM's, medical and science institutes etc. speaks of benchmarking in world wide education. Teaching and learning, are universal processes and therefore although the methods, curriculum and ways of imparting lessons may differ from one another, the inherent interpretation of the meaning of education in world remains the same all over.
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Business Schools Business Schools have carved out a unique place in the realm of worldwide education. Since, 'Business' is most widely coined keyword in today's world linked to all aspects of activities, a student even after securing best of technical/academic qualifications vies for securing admissions in B-Schools. A 'career' education is never considered complete without a Management Degree. The B Schools are alma mater for educating and training Business Executives.

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Online Education

Online Education Online Education is one of the most convenient ways of learning that provides scope of gathering information and online classes as well as appearing for exams... all at the click of the mouse. With an array of online courses available for the students, people from all age groups and walks of life can choose to opt for online education that facilitates one to continue with studies at a pace of their own and from the comforts and convenience of ones home.

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Distance Learning

Distance LearningDistance learning programs have helped put millions of students at ease who are either unable to make it to the classes due to ill health or due to other reasons as well. Distance learning classes enable a student to continue or pursue a course (technical or professional) while not necessarily being physically present in the class. Online classes, emails, chat as well as exchanging print materials as questions and answers mark the significant aspects of distance learning classes.

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